Hexo plus FAQ’s

How does Hexo+ track a user while keeping him or her in the center of the frame?

• Hexo+ uses the GPS position of the user’s smartphone together with data from positioning sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) to determine where and how the user is moving. To process this data, the Hexo+ team created specific, proprietary algorithms that enable the drone to follow and anticipate a user’s trajectory and speed.

What is Hexo+’s flight time? How long will the battery last?

• One battery provides 10 to 15 minutes of flight time. The battery pack can easily be replaced in less than 10 seconds.

What happens if Hexo+ is flying and the battery runs out or the connection is lost?

• Hexo+ is equipped with advanced technology that will land the drone safely if the battery dies or the connection is lost.

What is the maximum speed of Hexo+?

• Hexo+ flies up to 40 mph or 70 km/h.

What is the weight of Hexo+

• Hexo+ weighs 2.5lbs/1,150g (without gimbal, battery and camera).

Is Hexo+ waterproof?

• Hexo+ is not waterproof, but it is water resistant and can handle light rain or snow. If using Hexo+ to capture aerial footage over water, users will need to land on dry ground.

What phones and operating systems are compatible with the Hexo+ app?

• The Hexo+ app is available for iOS8 and up and Android Kitkat (4.4) and up.Smartphones with a built-in barometer such as the iPhone 6 and 6+, Samsung S4, S5and S6 and the Sony Xperia Z3 make it possible for Hexo+ to follow you while you ascend/descend as they track your altitude.

How far away from Hexo+ can a user be while the drone is in use?

• In order to capture the best quality video footage, users should be within 60 meters /200 feet of Hexo+ to ensure they’re visible in the frame.

Can I purchase spare batteries and parts?

• Spare batteries and parts such as landing gear and propellers are available for purchase here, contact us for more.

Can I purchase a dedicated remote control for Hexo+ in addition to the app?

• Yes: you just need to connect any of the following receivers to your drone: PPM RC receiver, Futaba S.Bus and Spektrum DSM, DSM2, or DSM-X Satellite receiver. Any RC controller compatible with those will do.

Does the Hexo+ app automatically update?

• You can choose to have the Hexo+ app update by selecting the automatic update optionin your smartphone settings.

Does the Hexo+ app include training and instructional resources?

• No. You can find app instructions in the “support” section of www.hexoplus.com.

What types of cameras and recording devices are compatible with Hexo+?

• Hexo+ is compatible with GoPro 4k camera and 360cam.

How does Hexo+ perform in windy environments?

• Hexo+ performs best in winds of up to 15 mph. The 6 motor design provides extra stability in windy conditions; however, users should be aware that motors work harder in these conditions.

How does Hexo+ hold up in rough landing or collision situations?

• Hexo+ is built to withstand your adventures, but users should always land HEXO+ on a dry surface, never on water. Users should take all necessary precautions to avoid collisions. In case of emergency, users can turn off all motors at any time by pressing and holding a finger on their smartphone screen with the app open, then when prompted, press “Yes, turn off motors”.

Are there age restrictions or recommendations for flying Hexo+?

• Hexo+ is not suitable for use by children under 14 years of age, without adult supervision.

Where am I permitted to fly Hexo+; are there local, state or federal restrictions?

• There are resources such as Map Box to help determine where a drone can be flown, however, all users should consult their respective local, state and federal authorities before flying on public land.

What safety precautions should I take before flying Hexo+?

• Please visit https://hexoplus.com/fly-safely to read about flying safely with HEXO+.

What type of gimbal does HEXO+ use?

• Hexo+ uses a Walkera 3D Gimbal.

Where can I purchase HEXO+?

• Hexo+ is sold right here!

What is the standard warranty included with Hexo+?

• All Hexo+ drones purchased directly on our website or through other official channels will receive our standard warranty described below. Without prejudice to any applicable statutory warranty, Squadrone System warrants that the Hexo+ drone will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the initial date of purchase (excluding parts listed under the warranty coverage chart), upon presentation of proof of purchase to the retailer (including the date and place of purchase, product serial number). Diagnostic, labor, materials, tests and return delivery are covered pursuant to Squadrone System’s service warranty.



What features set Hexo+ apart in terms of value or capability from other drones currently on the market?

• Proprietary framing algorithm guarantees constant framing and image stability

• Built-in library of beautiful camera movements

• Ability to operate directly from our smartphone app

• Predictive tracking algorithms anticipate your next move

• Fast flight, up to 40mph/70kmh

• Removable feet, gimbal, and propellers, no tools required

• Stay in the action with quick and easy battery swap