Hexo+ plus Camera Drone – FREE Battery (Essential Pack)

Includes a Hexo+3D package and a Hexo+ spare battery. This is the ultimate combo for a day trip or a session of shooting in action. Whether you are riding a mountain bike, snowboard or motorbike, take Hexo+ and your equipment anywhere.

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HEXO+ is the world’s first autonomous drone that allows you to capture stunning aerial footage with the use of a simple smartphone app. Co-founded by legendary snowboarder Xavier de Le Rue, HEXO+ was inspired by Xavier’s need to film his adventures in the most remote places. An avid user of helicopters and piloted drones, he quickly realized that the logistics behind such shoots were extremely constraining. He needed a tool that could easily be taken anywhere and act as a full film crew to capture his outdoor feats in cinematic quality. No such thing existed, Untill Now..

In 2014, a team of action sport professionals, video producers, critical software developers and manufacturing experts came together with a goal of creating the best way to capture aerial shots with an autonomous filming drone and a simple smartphone app. From there, HEXO+ was born.

The team launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund HEXO+ in June 2014, and raised its $50,000 funding target in just 37 minutes. The campaign ultimately raised $1,306,921 and was backed by 2,336 people.


Capture Beautiful Aerial Footage:

  • Proprietary framing algorithm guarantees constant framing and image stability
  • Built-in library of beautiful camera movements
  • 3-Axis gimbal for high-end image stabilisation

Simple Yet Sophisticated and Self-Flying:

  • No remote controller needed: fly HEXO+ with only your smartphone and our app, available for iOS 9 and Android 4.4 and above
  • Easy set-up; flies right out of the box
  • Entirely automated take-off, flight, and landing
  • Predictive tracking algorithms anticipate your next move

Achieve Total Freedom And Creativity:

  • Hands-free operation allows you to commit to the moment
  • Direct the action through a variety of custom camera movements such as 360 selfie, slide, fly in and out, hover, follow, from any angle
  • Stay in the action with quick and easy battery swap


  • Fast flight, up to 40mph/70kmh
  • Removable feet, gimbal, and propellers, no tools required
  • Easy to travel with, fits on your backpack
  • Compatible with GoPro 4K and 360cam


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