Veho Muvi Q-Series Q-1 Drone with Advanced 3-Axis Gimbal

Veho is a UK based manufacturer of lifestyle consumer electronics and has received global recognition for its fresh and energetic approach to product design and strong brand identity.

This is Veho’s latest offering of drones with new features like follow me technology so that you can focus on the action.

  • 3D axis gimbal compatible with Muvi K-Series and GoPro HERO 3/4
  • Follow-me feature and tracking watch included
  • Incredibly easy and ready to fly within minutes

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The Muvi Q-1 drone from Veho is a complete remote controlled aerial camera system that’s ready and easy to fly within minutes, allowing you to create high quality high definition aerial videos and photography.

Following on from the popular Muvi X-Drone, the Q-1 now features a new universal 3-axis gimbal that removes vibration and in-flight movement, to ensure you capture ultra-smooth videos, whatever manoeuvres you try. The universal 3-axis gimbal is compatible with the Muvi K-Series range and GoPro HERO* range.

Go handsfree with the Muvi Q-1 drone with the new follow me feature. The GPS tracker watch included with the Q-1 allows you to easily capture incredible shots without you leaving the shot, so the focus is always on where the action is.

The Muvi Q-1 now has 3 new flight modes; eco, drive and sport. Eco mode on the Q-1 is the optimal battery saving mode, designed to help users get as much air time as possible. Drive mode is the all-round, giving you comfortable, smooth flight ideal for any condition. Sports mode on the Q-1 brings the fun back into flying a drone, the controls on the Muvi Q-1 become more responsive, the gimbal becomes more receptive and the power in the motors is increased to give you sharp and steady capture for the fast paced action shots.

Fly up to 20 minutes, thanks to the Muvi Q-1 drone’s powerful rechargeable and removable 6,800mAh Li-Po battery, the largest on the market. The battery also has built in status indicator on the face of the battery, so you can ensure that it’s fully charged before you take flight.

The Muvi Q-1 drone now includes a return to home function enabled for improving flight safety.

The built-in GPS also allows you to maintain altitude and orientation to allow you to focus on filming, and the automatic flight control system means that if you lose control or satellite signal, the Muvi Q-1 drone will return itself to its launch point and then land itself safely.

The easy to use Muvi Q-1 drone remote control makes it simple enough for first time or professional users to use immediately after configuration. The easy to navigate remote control allows for flight and camera giro control from up to five hundred metres.

The bright LEDs underneath the Muvi Q-1 drone, make sure you are able to judge the correct orientation of Q-1. These indicators also give you use notifications during flight such as battery strength and GPS connectivity.

*Compatible with GoPro HERO 3 and GoPro HERO 4.

Key Features

– New universal 3D axis gimbal compatible with Muvi K-Series and GoPro HERO 3/4
– Follow-me feature and tracking watch included to capture handsfree content from a completely different view
– 3 new flight speeds including; eco, drive and sports mode with large 6,800mAh removable and rechargeable Li-Po battery allowing up to 20 minutes flight time with battery status indicator
– Return to home function now enabled for improved safety when flying and advanced GPS system allowing you to maintain altitude and orientation with flight control
– Incredibly easy and ready to fly within minutes, perfect for any camera enthusiast with little or no prior flying experience

Box Contents

– Muvi Q-Series Q-1 Drone
– Propellers
– Propeller Guards
– Follow-me Tracking Watch
– Remote Controller
– Smartphone Mount
– Drone Battery (6,800mAh)
– Drone Battery Charger
– Tool Set (Screwdriver and Wrench)
– M3 x 12 Screws
– Controller Strap


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